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Project for the Web Migration

Easy and fully automated migration to the Microsoft Project for the Web

Project for the Web Migration
  • Lighting fast

  • Simple and Easy

  • Fully Automated

What migration opportunities are available?

Using FluentPro Project Migrator, organizations can complete the migration in following ways:


    Microsoft Project for the Web

    Skip manual migration and transfer data to Project for the Web automatically


    Microsoft Planner

    Get seamless and secure project data transfer to Office 365 Planner from other systems


    Microsoft Project Online

    Migrate projects, tasks, and other data without any data loss risks


    Automate project data migration to with advanced solution



    Move boards and tasks to/from Asana to manage projects more efficiently



    Reduce data loss and human errors risks by automating Trello migration



    Perform Smartsheet migration automatically without any data loss


    Dynamics Project Operations

    Automated Dynamics 365 Project Operations migration without any data loss risks


Fully automated
project migration

Find out how to automatically move data between project management systems


Why migration is stressful?

Moving all project data to Project for the Web from other project management systems can be challenging for project managers:

  • Manual work

    Manual migration is complex and time-consuming process

  • Data loss

    Human errors can happen and lead to data loss

  • Additional expenses

    There is a need to hire a specific technical specialist

  • Complexity

    Using custom scripts or proprietary APIs is complicated and risky

Guide for Project for the Web migration

Explore how to use FluentPro Project Migrator to simplify and automate migration between project management platforms


Quick and Error-free Project Data Migration

Quick and Error-free Project Data Migration

FluentPro Project Migrator is a cloud-based platform automating project data migration between project management systems. Eliminating human errors and data loss, it helps project managers and IT specialists migrate data easily between Microsoft Project for the Web, Project Online, Office 365 Planner, Asana, Trello,, and Smartsheet.

Project Migrator stores data in Microsoft Azure, so that organizations can be sure of high data security and product reliability. Reduce time spent on PPM migration and ensure the successful results with FluentPro solutions.

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Fully Automated and Stress-free Migration

Save time on migration with full automation of the process

Reduce all risks connected with human errors, data corruption or data loss.

Eliminate additional expenses. With Project Migrator, there is no need to hire specific technical specialist.

Reduce all manual work. Migration is completed automatically in a few steps.

Get complete flexibility. Project managers and IT specialists can migrate projects whenever necessary from the web or Microsoft Teams.

Project Migrator provides unbeatable security, as all project data is kept in Microsoft Azure storage.

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We would like to thank you for the professional service. The process was very clear and smooth. It was a pleasure working with you!

David Avraham IS Engineer


G.A. Suite saves us a lot of manual work. Just entering information once on the productive site and then transferring saves costs, time and nerves. Plus, it produces less errors.

Wolfgang Braun Manager Corporate PMO


Our productivity is greatly improved…Without FluentBooks, some of the operations I perform would not be possible otherwise, so the tool is a lifesaver.

Steve Miljanov Senior PMO Administrator


Based on consulting costs from a previous migration effort, we estimate that we saved over $80K by using FluentPro’s services.

Dan Cullerton Sr. Program Manager


As the system is very user-friendly, I have independency in file recovery – without the need to relay to an IT team and more complex backups

Idan Bar-Asher Project Manager


FluentPro DataMart is good value for money. FluentPro are very customer-centric and deliver products that accelerate project effectiveness.

Transport for London


Having these tools has led to keeping the administration level down and reducing the need for additional PMs.

Daniel Taddeo Senior Manager


The biggest time savings for us is the FluentBooks Bulks Resource update tool. That feature alone is worth the cost of the license!

Brian Nann Senior Manager

  • 91%

    Time & cost saved

    On migration between
    PPM platforms

  • 96%


    Migration process

  • 99%

    Migration success

    Without any errors

  • 97%


    Without any data loss

How Project Migrator works?
  • How Project Migrator works?
    • Choose all or certain project data for migration
    • Match fields in source systems to fields in the target one
    • Perform user mapping to migrate project data connected with the matching users
    • Start migration and monitor progress in the summary screen
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support Dynamics 365 Operations in your migration scenarios?

Yes. Dynamics 365 Operations is very similar to MS Project for the Web, so in project Migrator UI, you should consider using any scenario where you see Project for the Web. 

Do you migrate archived projects from Asana to Planner?

There is no Archive function in Planner; thus, we migrate an archived project as a plan in Planner where tasks statuses will display the status of the whole plan.

Some of our projects contain over 500 lines and have complex dependencies not supported by Project for the Web. How does the system behave in that case? (Project Online to Project for the Web)

Project Migrator will skip the 501st task and all subsequent ones; unsupported types of dependencies will be skipped as well. You will see this information in the Migration Summary. 

When we perform migration using Project Migrator, is the information sent to another server other than the Microsoft Servers (i.e., to your server and if it is kept anywhere)?

The data being processed is stored as temporary copies in virtual memory during the migration process only and is automatically removed after processing is complete.
To provide a user with a status and progress of a migration, some of the information about a migrated project is stored and available on Migration Summary page in the application UI. Such information includes:
– Project ID
– Project name
– Task name
– User name 
– User login or email

How long is personal data stored for on your side after subscription expiration or cancelation?

The data will be deleted after 90 days.

Is it possible to migrate Project Workflows from Project Online to Project for the Web?

Project for the Web does not support such functionality as Project Online Workflows, so we do not transfer them.

We would like to migrate Asana projects to Planner. How do you treat Asana sub-tasks since Planner doesn’t have any?

With Project Migrator, you can migrate sub-tasks either as check-list items of the parent task or normal Plan tasks. They will be located under their parent task. 

Do you migrate user accounts?

We migrate assignments and user membership in case a corresponding user account exists in the target environment. Therefore, we do not create users in the target; they should be created before the migration.

If we need some advice during the migration, which resources can we refer to?

You may visit our help center at or contact our Support Team via in-app live chat or at

Do you migrate task custom fields (any scenario from/to P4W or Dynamics 365 Operations)?

Of course. For task custom fields migration, you will need to generate a token, allowing you to migrate the fields or even create the required ones in target P4W or Dynamics 365 Operations environments.

Do you migrate task attachments (any scenario)?

We do. External links will be migrated as is, whereas physical files will be downloaded and uploaded to the target system. In this way, you will have access to it in a new environment under your new accounts.

What are FluentPro Project Migrator key benefits?

Fully automated No manual work is needed
No data loss Reduction of human errors
Time-saved On project data migration
Quick & easy Migrate in just a few steps

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FluentPro Software FluentPro Software can help organizations simplify and automate migration, implementation, configuration management, data protection, and integration of PPM solutions.
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