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Managing Value Creation across Microsoft PPM Platform

Integrate entire Microsoft PPM tools stack for consolidated management
of all projects, programs, and portfolios across the organization

Managing Value Creation across Microsoft PPM Platform
  • Manage portfolios

  • Governance and reporting

  • Ideation

Unlock Modern Microsoft
Portfolio Management

Discover how to get consolidated platform for managing project-related data across multiple Microsoft PPM tools


Challenges of Disconnected Portfolio Management

Managing Microsoft Project Online and Project for the Web simultaneously within the organization, can be challenging for PMOs and Executives:

  • Disparate

    How to get single view capabilities?

  • Feature Gap

    How to add missing Project for the Web PPM features?

  • Disconnected

    How to connect work management platforms?

Connect Project Portfolio Management Tools

Connect Project Portfolio Management Tools

PPM Express is a cloud-based platform providing a big picture view of all project-related data. It can connect Microsoft Project Online and Project for the Web as well as other work management tools like Azure DevOps Boards, Jira Software, Microsoft Planner, Smartsheet, and into a single view.

This integrated portfolio management software allows you to combine all existing project data into a single dashboard for complete visibility, transparency, and clarity. PPM Express also provides over 200 pre-built Power BI reports for Project Online and Project for the Web PPM data.

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Why Use Microsoft Project Online and Project for the Web Integration with PPM Express? 
Single view
Clear visibility
Enterprise-grade portfolio management
Advanced visualization
Without PPM Express 
Projects data is stored across multiple platforms leading to discrepancies. 
Project and task statuses are unclear. 
Basic project portfolio management features.
Basic data analytics for decision-making. 
Manual updating in both systems.
Consolidated platform for all project-related data. 
Big picture view and clear portfolio visibility. 
Extended Project Online and Project for the Web PPM features. 
Real-time data visibility with 200+ pre-defined Power BI reports. 
Ready-to-use, automated connectors. 
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No-Migration Platform to Manage all Projects

Single view for all project-related data across multiple platforms.

Ability to leverage over 200 ready-to-use Power BI reports.

Out-of-the-box enterprise project portfolio management capabilities.

Automated integration of work management tools, no migration needed.

PMOs and executives get regular updates. Teams can keep working in systems they’re used too.

Time and effort saved. PPM Express is easy-to-deploy with minimal stress for the team.

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We would like to thank you for the professional service. The process was very clear and smooth. It was a pleasure working with you!

David Avraham IS Engineer


G.A. Suite saves us a lot of manual work. Just entering information once on the productive site and then transferring saves costs, time and nerves. Plus, it produces less errors.

Wolfgang Braun Manager Corporate PMO


Our productivity is greatly improved…Without FluentBooks, some of the operations I perform would not be possible otherwise, so the tool is a lifesaver.

Steve Miljanov Senior PMO Administrator


Based on consulting costs from a previous migration effort, we estimate that we saved over $80K by using FluentPro’s services.

Dan Cullerton Sr. Program Manager


As the system is very user-friendly, I have independency in file recovery – without the need to relay to an IT team and more complex backups

Idan Bar-Asher Project Manager


FluentPro DataMart is good value for money. FluentPro are very customer-centric and deliver products that accelerate project effectiveness.

Transport for London


Having these tools has led to keeping the administration level down and reducing the need for additional PMs.

Daniel Taddeo Senior Manager


The biggest time savings for us is the FluentBooks Bulks Resource update tool. That feature alone is worth the cost of the license!

Brian Nann Senior Manager


I really appreciate you all being on top of a problem I had setting up my backup… FluentPro really came through for us. This kind of communication is HUGE and appreciated.

Paul James Solution Architect

  • 400+


    Rely on PPM Express daily

  • 50

    Hours saved

    By project and portfolio managers annually

  • 200+


    Ready-to-use in Microsoft Power BI

  • 100%


    Of all project-related data

PPM Express for Integrated Portfolio Management
  • PPM Express for Integrated Portfolio Management
    • Get big picture view, full visibility, one interface
    • Consolidate your project portfolio management tools
    • Plan, prioritize, manage projects, programs, portfolios
    • Visualize strategy and monitor execution
    • Manage resources allocation and utilization
    • All projects, schedules, programs, and backlogs — one click away
    • Advanced analytics with 200+ ready-to-use Power BI reports
    • Ideation and innovation management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPM Express?

PPM Express is a web-based tool for managing all your projects and portfolios in one place, connecting to tools like Project Online, Jira, and others.

What can I do with PPM Express?

PPM Express allows you to track project status, costs, and progress and manage tasks, timelines, and budgets. Plus, it simplifies data analysis and reporting.

Can I use PPM Express for different project management methods?

Yes, you can use PPM Express for both Agile and Waterfall projects, making it flexible for your needs.

Does PPM Express handle idea management?

Absolutely! PPM Express includes a feature for collecting, evaluating, and prioritizing ideas, which promotes employee engagement.

Can I manage project budgets and finances with PPM Express?

Yes, PPM Express allows you to effectively create and manage budgets and costs.

What reporting options are available in PPM Express?

You can access over 50 Power BI-based reports directly from PPM Express, making data analysis and reporting a breeze.

Is PPM Express suitable for small and large organizations?

Yes, PPM Express is scalable and can be used by organizations of all sizes.

Can I try PPM Express before committing?

Yes, you can request a trial to experience PPM Express and see how it fits your needs.

Is PPM Express customizable for different business workflows?

PPM Express is highly customizable. You can adapt it to fit your specific business workflow.

Can I access PPM Express on mobile devices?

Yes, PPM Express is accessible on mobile devices, ensuring you can manage your projects. However, we recommend using a computer for the best user experience and access to all features.

What are PPM Express key benefits?

Consolidated view Of all project data.
Out-of-the-box Enterprise-grade PPM.
Time-saved Automated connectors.
Analytics Advanced project reporting.

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