Microsoft Project Online + Atlassian JIRA

FluentPro Integration Hub is a leading cloud-based integration platform for connecting Microsoft Project Online and Atlassian JIRA.

Business Case

Many modern organizations use hybrid approach to project management combining Agile and Waterfall. Most of them find it challenging to integrate high-level PPM initiatives and Agile execution teams, for example, synchronize Project Online and JIRA.

When the project has been initiated on a portfolio level and Agile teams need to break it down into sprints and tasks, it’s important that they use Agile-specific tools, such as Atlassian JIRA, for their daily work while critical project updates are pushed back to the portfolio level in the PPM system, such as Project Online.

When the link between project and portfolio levels is missing, it may cause low portfolio visibility, poor accountability and substancial and regular manual work in order to provide views on project and task levels to the leadership.


FluentPro Integration Hub is a leading cloud-based middleware software service that allows for connecting Microsoft Project Online and Atlassian Jira.

The platform is a result of over seven years of experience in the market collaborating with hundreds of FluentPro customers on their PPM integration requirements.

The software service is universal, scalable and extendable, supports both one-way and two-way integration scenarios, is extremely flexible, advanced, and can accommodate scripting-based transformation rules.

By implementing Integration Hub for connecting Jira and Microsoft Office 365 Project Online, organizations reach complete portfolio visibility and can make decisions based on the latest project statuses and updates.

Value for Executives & Managers  

Top-Down Planning

Define and push key high-level tasks from Project Online to Jira to create a focus and direction for your teams and let them break down this input into features and sprints while updates on progress and time spent flow back to Project Online schedules

Full Portfolio Visibility

New tasks from projects in Atlassian JIRA as well as the progress reported on existing ones are synchronized back to Project Online schedules to provide management and PMOs with the unified view on the actual state of all projects in the organization

Optimize Delivery Lifecycle

Integration Hub improves accountability between organizational levels while keeping reporting and paperwork to the minimum so that teams can stay Agile and focus on the execution while exchanging key details with leadership to adapt changes faster.

Scaled Agile Framework

Integration Hub helps organizations be SAFe compliant. Projects and milestones initiated on Portfolio/Program levels in Project Online are automatically pushed to Jira for further breakdown into sprints and tasks on a Project level

Why Connect Atlassian JIRA with Microsoft Project Online?

By connecting Project Online and Atlassian JIRA, you are instantly delivering value for Executives, PMO, and your Teams.

  • Team members use the tool of their choice for their development-related activities and to collaborate on tasks and report progress.
  • PMO and Management immediately benefit from all Enterprise Portfolio Management capabilities, Portfolio Visibility, multiple reports and dashboards in Project Online and receive updates from teams frequently and automatically.


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