Migration from non-MS PPM Systems
Decided to switch to Microsoft Project Online

or Microsoft Project Server 2016 from other PPM system?

We can help move your data.

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Planning a migration from non Microsoft PPM Systems? At FluentPro Software we have developed add-on to our configuration management and migration product – FluentBooks for Project Server 2013/2016. This add-on is responsible for mapping and importing data from Excel into FluentBooks and then uploading all it to Microsoft Project 2013 Server / Microsoft Project Online PWA.


With our software, your Project Server administrator and /or IT personnel can perform this migration without engaging additional consultants.


Alternatively you can engage us to perform full migration at fixed cost.

Migration from non Microsoft PPM Systems

Why Work with FluentPro

Short Migration Time

 We completed multiple migrations, we know how and have all tools needed.

Guaranteed Results


We do it right first time or it is free.

We are Experts


 We develop products for migrations that other partners use.

Fair Pricing


Flat price for entire migration. Estimate is based on number of projects,  resource and volume of SharePoint content.

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Process Overview

Migration Scope


FluentBooks supports import of following entities:

    • Resources
    • Projects
    • Tasks
    • Time-phased assignment information (Daily/Week/monthly work with actual work)
    • Risks and Issues


As long as you can export your data to CSV or Excel, we can import it into FluentBooks and then to Project Server/ Project Online.

Migration from non Microsoft PPM Systems Flow


  1. We work with your project managers / project director to create configuration for Project Server 2016 / Project Online.
  2. We work with your team to create mapping between old PPM system and Project Server  2016 / Project Online.
  3. We work with your IT team to extract data from your existing PPM system in CSV / Excel format.
  4. We perform test migration using FluentPro FluentBooks.
  5. We work with your team to verify data migration results.
  6. We do final data extract from your existing PPM system in CSV / Excel format.
  7. We perform production migration using FluentPro FluentBooks suite.
  8. You are live on Project Server  2016 / Project Online.

Ready To Start?

We only work on a fixed-price projects. When we provide estimates – they are final. There will be no additional penny charged (of course if there are no CRs). With own development center we able provide always best price to our customers.

Please contact us for special pricing.

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